Tipping Competition

Guess what? The beach soccer results came through and it was a win to Aargau! I have thus decided to make another executive decision and have thus readjusted the points accordingly. After all, the game did take place, but someone was slack at reporting it! With a considerable amount of prize money at stake and it is usually only decided by a point or two, it seems fairer to simply record the result. My apologies for the change of mind, but it is fairer.

My apologies also to Maurice Rose. When I changed the results, I realised I had added up your total incorrectly – sorry about the 4 points I have had to take off from your score. I await your sprint at the end!

Here are the official results after round 3. Now I can get on my plane.

(last week)
NameRd 3Total 
12John Morrison1343
23=Peter Askwith1342
39=Jim Simpson1541
4=3=Fiona and Kay1140
4=3=Matt Coxon1140
63=Jacob White1039
7=27=Bill Tangney1638
7=17=Robyn Crowe1438
7=17=Reon Faith1438
10=12=Keegan Faith1237
10=3=Terry Dalziel837
10=9=Men Friday1137
13=1Ian Taylor536
13=8Darcy Parke836
13=12=Jude Hooper1136
13=20=Andrew Faith1336
13=20=Eddie Bisdee1336
13=31=Brad Thompson1636
1927=Jenny Parry1335
2031=Ljubo Bura1434
21=31=Jed Cooper1333
21=36=Graham McGuire1433
23=9=Terry Wiseman632
23=12=Doug Turnbull732
23=31=Trevor Hunter1232
23=36=Ian Rollo1332
23=36=Trudie Cooper1332
23=12=Ned & Brian Butler732
23=50=Dave Roper1632
3020=Les Anderson831
31=36=Doug Crowe1130
31=43=Vanessa Kerrison1230
31=50=Tom Southgate1430
31=36=Ernie Levet1130
31=44=Dutch Kiwi 21330
36=31=Kevin Boyce929
36=27=Max Hooper729
36=44=Gordon Anderson1229
36=53=Geoff Fenwick1429
40=12=Graham Dalziel328
40=17=Christine Taylor428
40=30=Chris O’Connor728
40=44=Rachel Hooper1128
4455=Steve Boyland1327
45=20=Denise Sweetman326
45=20=Iain Gunn326
45=20=Russell Gibson326
45=36=Peter Doyle726
45=20=Chris Taurua326
50=57Chris Heenan1225
50=58Hippy & Lanky Mates1325
50=55=Chris Papps & Tony Cronin1125
5350=Jack Frost824
5459=Charmaine Fluker1423
55=36=Jo McInerney221
55=44=Dutch Kiwis 1421
55=44=Len Ludlam421
58=44=Yummy M & M’s320
58=53=Nancy Andrews520
58=61=Anita Hooper1220
6163Dave Costello1216
6259=Joe Hapi615
6361=Maurice Rose412