Wednesday Women – 8th April in Lockdown

Lorraine’s morning lock down golfing buddy.
My mate on the bag couldn’t bare to watch.

Audrey’s 3 golf holes:

No 1 hole: Par 4. Note the water hazards along the right of the fairway, and the rough behind the green.

No 2 hole: Very short Par 3 but really tricky if you are not accurate. There is a free drop if you go in the garden.

No 3 hole: Par 5. a bit of a dog leg as there is some nasty rough to the left of the fairway. I got a hole in one on the Par 5 but as it was my practice round it didn’t count. 

Cobie’s golf:

A small pitch and put par 3 in the lounge. At the moment during this lock down my bike is watching TV whilst I paddle like crazy and believing that I am in the Tour de France.

Anyway, pitching over the back wheel of my bike and hoping to put for a twooooooooo

Can’t do a video as dog Chelsea is not very good at negotiating my phone camera. Hence the two pictures only.
Btw I used foam plastic golf balls as I wasn’t risking a call out to a glazier, could be rated essential though.

Hope we will be back to some real golf soon.

Club Day in Peka Peka: Par 5 triple dog-leg…

Greetings from St Andrews, Harper Rd

After celebrating the 81st hole at St Andrews yesterday, I was unable to make the 9:30 tee off. As the local green staff were not prepared to burst my solo bubble, I have had to improvise, so have an imaginary hole – a par 3 called (for obvious reasons) the staircase, and guess what, I scored a hole in one…is this acceptable?

Nancy, forever hopeful.

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